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Brief History of Finance and Banking Department

In 1966, the Ministry of Education (MOE) allowed the establishment of the Department of Banking Management of the Tamsui Institute of Business Administration.

In 1994, the school has operated as a four-year independent college. Initially designated Tamsui Oxford University College, the school opened a branch campus in Madou, Tainan County in 1996 offering two-year and four-year college education.

In 1999, the department took again the name of “Department of Finance and Banking”, and the school has borne the name Aletheia University.

The purpose for the future of the Department is based on research and service for the society or financial sector while teacher expertise and research are taking into account some subjects like investment, banking, derivative financial products, financial innovation, and other topics related to the financial field. Furthermore, the curriculum included programs as financial institutions management and financial management and other related fields. Moreover, with financial investment minds, basic knowledge and skills about banking and international finance students of this Department are able to enhance the ability to analyze the finance and banking information, and enhancing their solute problem skills.

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