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Local students are admitted through several channels to obtain admissions.

1. Admission through Recommendation

Applicants are recommended by high school they enroll in or are able to demonstrate their satisfactory records of academic and extracurricular performance. The admission decision is determined by the applicant’s performance at General Scholastic Ability Test (GSAT) held by College Entrance Examination Center, supporting documentations, and oral interview. 

2. Admission through Examination

Applicants should provide an official transcript of Advanced Subjects Test (AST) conducted by the College Entrance Examination in July each year.   

3. College Transfers

The department accepts students transferring from other colleges to continue their studies in the sophomore class and the Junior class during the summer and the winter of each year. The number of admittance varies depending on the vacancies available. Students who are planning to transfer to the department are required to take the joint examination held by the Aletheia University. The tests includes Chinese and English for transferring to the sophomore or the junior class. 

For further information log on to the Center of Enrolment Services at Aletheia University (http://aa003.epage.au.edu.tw).


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